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Monday, January 7, 2013

EXO-M Tao Personal Weibo Update

我想要的未来,有爱我的人,有时间回家探望家人.夜晚开车去沙滩看天上的星星,数一数许许愿。有心事解不开去空中花园坐一整天,喝着咖啡,听着音乐,在躺在那片绿色的草地上。 有时傍晚饿了,去吃夜宵,享受填饱肚子的那一刻,在乖乖的回家睡觉,看着窗外的夜景,海风声伴随着自己入睡。那你们呢

The future that I want, has people who love me, has the time for me to return home and visit my family. I want to drive to the beach at night to see the stars in the night sky,to count the stars and make a wish. When there is something troubling, something that cannot be resolved, I want to be able to go to the hanging gardens and sit for a day, drinking coffee, listening to music, lying in a patch of green grass. And then sometime in the evening, when I get hungry and eat supper, enjoying that moment of filling my stomach, and finally, when I obediently go home to sleep, I look out the window into the night, the sound of the sea wind lulls me to sleep. What about you guys

source: Tao’s Weibotranslation cr; angi @ exom-trans