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Sunday, October 14, 2012

EXO-M heading Back to Korea

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EXO-M Official Site Update

[STAFF DIARY] 121015 - Good night everyone‥…─━★

Hello :)

A season has passed after meeting EXO for the first time„
Then another season went by and we’re already in mid-October.
( It seems like time is going by really quickly ㅎㅎ)

During this time, EXO-M did their best to promote in China
And thanks to all of the fans’ support, they received good results,
They felt the fans’ love everyday and had busy promotions~

Especially for CHEN’s 21st birthday party on September 21st and LAY’s 22nd birthday party on October 7th
Everyone celebrated with EXO-M in Korea
Since they were with their fans, it was an even more meaningful time.

In the meantime, we didn’t reveal many of the images of EXO-M’s activities overseas,
With the meaning of the strength to start a new week on Sunday!!!
The pictures are coming~~!! (/^o^)/♡

Lastly, after a while, on October 10th
A proof shot of KRIS heating up the official homepage and leaving lightly!!

Moreover, on Thursday night, the 11th of October, KRIS and LAY made you run again !!

The proof shots aren’t a step late from October 11th~ ご,.ごㆀ

Good night everyone with this pics I’m leaving you with after a while‥…─━★
Thank you~!

source; exo-m’s official site
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans

EXO-M Kcon 121014

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