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Monday, July 23, 2012

EXO-K MBC London Olympic Special Documentary ENG SUB


Men's Health Magazine

Allowing your skin to brim with the strength of nature, how do you increase the rough skin’s super capability to prevail? It’s unnecessary to be afraid of the vile surrounding’s influence on your limelight, so choose light coloured clothing which will allow your skin to look bright, in the summer you can even avoid the Sun’s rays, protecting your skin’s original brightness.

Difficult Questions to Settle KiduIt
They are the young disciples of the legendary group, they are SM, Korea’s most famous company’s new love - EXO-M, when shooting this group of photos, it even attracted a countless amount of fans to accompany them. But they are still a group of kids, even though Children’s Day has already passed, we have already started to work nervously, but they still wish to continue. When asking them why they always seem like kids, they yell, “Expressing cuteness is sincere, youthfulness has no enemy!”

Do you live with the members or alone? When being together everyday are there times when you can’t stand to look at someone?
All: We all live together, in the dormitory Kris and Chen live in a room, Lu Han and Lay in a room, Tao and Xiu Min in a room. We all began living together starting from when we were trainees, so the feelings are really good, never really a moment when we can’t see eye to eye, even if there is a little disagreement, it can be resolved very quickly.

Usually, who’s the noisiest, has the most to say? Who’s the most mature? Who’s the most spoiled?
All: The noisiest is Tao, i think, because he’s always singing, no matter where you go, you can hear his voice. The one who has the most to say is Luhan, the most mature is Xiumin, and the most spoiled member is Tao.

Lu Han:
Dyed your hair so much, that the brownish-yellow color resembles popcorn? Because one of the significant components of hair is protein, and the main components of protein are amino acids, amino acids are like the hair’s protective layer. Choose a set of hair wash and hair care products that contain amino acids, even if you use a hair iron, or subject your hair to the sun and wind, amino acids will protect our hair, and prevent premature aging.

During work, which style are you usually protrayed as?
All: In order to match the style of our first mini album’s title song, we’re all quite aggressive, a style that’s gives quite a visual shock.

What was the style that left the deepest impression?
All: Because it hasn’t been long since our debut, we haven’t had time to try a lot of concepts, but we’ve always felt that in our title song <MAMA>, the screaming section when our faces were spray painted left the deepest impression. Because <MAMA> is a typical SMP (created by SM company and inheriting the typical traits of SM Performance) type of song, the powerful dance and the sharp visual impact are major highlights of the MV, additionally this was also the first time they spray painted their faces, which was very unusual, and left a particularly deep impression.

Is it that British style clothing is so skinny that it forces people to lose weight, or is it that people who are too skinny choose to wear the British style clothing?! However, no matter what style of clothing you choose to wear, a healthy body should be your number 1 concern, bananas contain a large amount of water-soluble fibers, if you eat one banana before sleeping you can stay in shape, bananas are full of vitamin B, which can contribute towards a calm nervous system, they can also help avoid feeling the pressure to binge eat

Your experience of embarrassing situations during performances?
Chen: There hasn’t been any.
Xiu Min: Up until now there hasn’t been any.
Kris: Once when recording a show the knee part of my trousers ripped, but I didn’t know, it was only when I saw a picture online that I became aware of it.
Tao: The SMTOWN concert this time in LA, during the rehearsals I tripped over.
Lu Han: At the concert in LA, when it finished, when I was walking on stage I almost tripped over, fortunately Lay was beside me and helped me so I didn’t fall over. But Tao seemed as though he fell over, haha.
Lay: When peforming in Korea, I realised my trouser’s were ripped, just before going on stage I rushed to change into another pair, to turn peril into safety, you know!

Your friends all state that you are a natural-born beautiful flower boy, but don’t be too arrogant that you ignore the basics of taking care of your own health, use facial masks that contain high quality beans, the nutrional fiber among these can balance the skin’s grease, the rich vitamin B1 and a block of soap allows your skin to have an even better reinforcement. Even if you wear black you can still catch the attention of others.

Xiu Min
Even though everyone loves dessert, an excessive amount sugar consumption will lead to follicle inflammation, a nutritionist recommends that your sugar consumption does not exceed 100g a day. Allow the sweet clothes to eat till your heart is content instead, and take a photo with your childhood, learn to grow up, learn to control, the operation for the entire population to give up sugar has already started!

Quick Q&As
The style of your clothes normally?
Xiu Min: Something not too outstanding, something comfortable and cozy.
Tao: If I think it’s good looking then it’s fine.
Chen: Something that doesn’t have too much of a decorative design or sketchy.
Lay: Simple and neat, British style.
Kris: American style.
Lu Han: Something comfortable and clean.

From today’s photoshoot which photo do you like the most?
Xiu Min: I really like my solo photo of me blowing bubble gum
Tao: I like the photo of me holding a banana, hahaha.
Chen: The photo of us sleeping together
Kris: I also like the photo of us sleeping together, it feels really warm, really comfortable. (Men’s Health June Issue)
Lay: I like the group of photos of me holding ice-cream, because I really like ice-cream.
Lu Han: I also really like the photos I shot with popcorn.

What part of your body do you not like people to touch?
Lay: I don’t like other people touching my neck.
Chen: Ear, it’s weird…
Tao: There isn’t a specific place, but if it’s someone I don’t like, no matter where they touch I won’t like it.
Xiu Min: Face.
Kris: I don’t think there is any.
Lu Han: Head, don’t touch my head.

Air conditioning not only takes away the summer’s heat, but will also take away the moisture on the skin’s surface, every day we need to replenish a high amount of moisture in order to maintain our skin’s moisture. Plain boiled water is the best water to repair; everyday, everyone’s basic water absorption is equivalent to 8 cups of 200 milliliters of plain boiled water, drinking 100 mililiters to 150 milliliters everytime is appropriate.

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EXO Thailand promotion

EXO will go to Thailand this week for their first promotion in Thailand. We will be taking pictures of EXO members while staying in Thailand. So, write what you want to see from their promotion as a comment, then we will upload it on ‘KPOP on facebook’ page.