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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

EXO-K Su Ho For The Face Shop

ENG SUB MBC Weekly Idol EXO-K Kai 120704

EXO-M Men's Health Magazine

A tide of T-shirt people
The t-shirt is practically the most simple piece of clothing in the world, you are comfortable with yourself, practically everyone wears it. If you don’t want to disappear from everyone else in the street, or if you only want to wear a vest or wearing a t-shirt and standing there looking pleased, I suggest that you finish looking at these few pages, then put your t-shirt back on and show off your grade and body.

Huge T-shirt Competition
In this season, the highest amount of a type of clothing within your closet could be T-shirts. Call your friends, have a look at their collection, until your brains are lacking oxygen, if your room has become a hideous mess, your shoulder’s already piled up with garments, so tired that you’ve slept into a ball, then you are definitely the better man in this year’s t-shirt season.

Have a look at how they dress
Although the t-shirt is the most simple piece of clothing, but to wear it well isn’t always easy, especially in a fashionable style with innumerable succession, when there’s a lot of changes, if you want to match well and stand out from the crowd, you’d have to spend some time thinking. Alright, I think you’ve seen enough enumerated rules, now, take a look at how they’ve worn it.
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EXO-M Heading To Chengdu 120704

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EXO-K Heading back To Korea 120704

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