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Sunday, May 13, 2012

ExoTown- Top 10 Bias List (week 6)

*Drums**confetti* UHUHU! New Winner! Congratulations To Kai the most awkwardly-sexy-losing his coat every time Member In EXO. But Seriously- Now I'm scared that The Baek Hyun fans will crash Baek's Page. Well.. do what you want to.^^ Baek Hyun second place, ChanYeol third. + finally we can see Tao. :)

REMEMBER: What you can see are pageviews of top 10 EXO members. NO! I do not chose 10 of them. I only see ten Top pages. It's a print screen of what I see. You can't vote, all you need to do is go to one of these pages:
You can Do What Ever in that pages- IT's YOUR SPACE. Comment/fangirl all over the place - you can do it and I know you wanna :>. Besides I wanna read more crazy comments so go to one of these pages and make me read them all like ma-ma-machine.
and becouse I'm mega bored I'm watching this gif so watch with me:

Chen, Lay, Kris, Lu Han Getting out of Inkigayo.
Last Week's Bias List

EXO-K Inkigayo 120513

Inkigayo's Backstage:
 ChanYeol, D.O, Kris, Kai
 Lay, Lu Han, Chen, Xiu Min
Kris, Greg S. Hwang, Lay