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Friday, May 11, 2012

EXO-K Interview For Oh My News

The members of the rookie group EXO-K have a few common points. First they all started to dream of becoming singers since elementary school, secondly they all went through a trainee life until their debut; they all believed firmly that they could do it.

They were told they were going to be in one team EXO-K (Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O, Kai, Sehun), who all joined SM Entertainment as trainees. Chanyeol revealed “I was of course happy just at the fact I was going to debut but I was even happier I’d be in one team with them whom I was always close with” and “Our relationship is the kind that starting from our trainee days, even during our days off we would hang out together”.

‘MAMA’ revives the SMP… “It’s out of season? It’s rather refreshing”

You’re tied with the name ‘trainee’ but in a situation where you don’t know who’ll debut first, or without knowing if you’ll die out beforehand, you can’t avoid the competition. But EXO-K said “Rather than rivals, it was friends around the same age we were spending a lot of time with” and “We also felt like we were all attached to each other. It was a relationship where we were all releasing stress together in a family-like mood”.

With social lyrics, vocals like screams, the imposing sound that EXO-K’s debut song ‘MAMA’ lets us hear is typically the SMP (Reporter’s note-It’s the name of SM Entertainment’s unique Music Performance) style. They’re proud to show this SMP after a long time but the pressure is also big.

Kai said “Because we’re coming out with SM’s trademark performance, we’re really proud” and “After being here for quite a long time, we also think a lot ‘let’s do well’”. Chanyeol added “But we were also pressured because our singer seniors opened the K-POP and Hallyu wave’s path well, what if we fall short on it? So we practiced hard” and “You can think that it’s (the SMP) out of season but we’d rather think it’s refreshing”.
When they were asked about ‘their strongest act of deviance’ … “We got caught making and eating Dalgona”

EXO-K had their debut with a big scale showcase after their 100 days promotion. Every week they appear on music programs and they have a lot more on their schedules too but they said they were watching movies during their free time. They said they had fun watching <Avengers> lately and in one voice, they added seriously “We think we have superpowers too. We just don’t know about it”.

Because on stage they have to leave a deep impression and show a strong performance, that day before the <Oh My Star> interview, when they were told “let’s smile” during the photoshoot, EXO-K were somewhat awkward. But if you meet them in real life, they’re closer to pranksters than to the charismatic image on stage. They say “I’ll run and come back” and go to the Han river, joyfully ride bicycles, and when they’re practicing they play <The roses of Sharon have blossomed> (T/N: It’s the game Grandma’s Footsteps). They were even once scolded because they got caught making and eating Dalgona (T/N: Dalgona is a kind of candy you make with baking powder) secretly at the dorm, when we heard that we could really feel their innocence.

Kai explained EXO-K’s charms “When we come off stage, our real personalities aren’t as strong as the song” and “Because the gap between the stage and our daily lives is big, won’t the fans feel even more of our charms?”. EXO-K added “Our charm is showing our innocent image under our charismatic and cool image on stage”.
Only two months after their debut, they go to the SM Town concert in the US “We’re very very excited of course”

On May 20th, EXO-K are experiencing something new. They will stand on <SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III in LA>’s stage at California’s Honda Center in the US. They will be with the company’s seniors such as DBSK, Super Junior, SNSD, f(x), etc. for a concert in the US, only 50 days after debuting.

Chanyeol didn’t hide his excitement, he said “I’ve already attended an SM Town concert in Korea as a spectator. I was wondering ‘Will we be able to stand on this stage too someday? I wish we could perform’ but we already get to stand there” and “Moreover it’s in the US. It’s an honor and I’m very very excited”.

Kai added “There will be a lot of opportunities to perform on stage in the future but I think it’d be nice if we could stand on stage, the 6 of us to do a musical with a story too” and “With EXO-M (EXO-K’s brother group, debuted and promoting in China) too, I want to do something like a musical on stage, the 12 of us”.

EXO-K describe themselves as ‘Mysterious and new stars from an unknown world’. They said resolvingly “Acting, variety, we will become a group that challenges constantly various fields”, “EXO will be a group that lasts forever and we will make EXO’s music known to the whole world”. The image they have showed until now is only the very start of what they can do. We’re looking forward to the unknown ‘abilities’ EXO-K will show.

source: oh my news
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans

EXO-K Kai For Newsen

"Even if I am mistaken as a blunt person, I am warmhearted"
EXO-K’s Kai, whose real name is Kim Jongin, born on January 14 1994, blood type A, entered SM Entertainment in 2007. His speciality is dancing and he is known for knowing a wide range of genres such as ballet, jazz, hip hop, popping and locking.

Kai was the first EXO-K member to be shown to the public. Since he appears in most of the 23 teasers, he earned himself the nickname “Teaser King” online.

As the member in charge of dancing, he uses his body a lot so when he was asked about how he felt after getting hurt at the showcase last March, he replied in his unique brusque way : “I’m really good. I am really thankful and happy to see the fans care and ask if I’m hurt.”

“In EXO-K’s debut music video, ‘MAMA’, Kai had his face and neck covered with body paint, leaving a strong and unforgettable impression on whoever watched it for the first time”

Kai reacted, a little sulkily: “I thought face painting was cool but I’ve heard it really surprised people who watched the music video at night. I personally thought it was okay…”

Dancing being his speciality, Kai’s role model is Michael Jackson. Kai exposed his ambition as a musician by saying: “Just with his hand movements or gazes, Michael Jackson managed to make a crowd go wild and move the audience. I want to be like this too”.

Being only 19, Kai is popular for having manly looks and a charisma totally different from his young age. With this atmosphere (T/N : As in with his manly looks and charisma), Kai doesn’t talk much and has quite a brusque personality, making him look hard to approach. However, because the misunderstanding weighed on his mind, he absolutely wanted to say something.

“I am a blunt person by nature. Might it be during shows or during fansigns, I don’t really do fanservice. The fans ask me if I’m in a bad mood but in reality, I’m a really warmhearted person. I want to do fanservice… so I’m putting in a lot of effort.”

source: newsen
translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans

EXO-K For Oh My Star

 Se Hun, ChanYeol, Baek Hyun, Su Ho, Kai, D.O
 ChanYeol, D.O, Se Hun, Kai, Su Ho, Baek Hyun
 ChanYeol, D.O, Se Hun, Kai, Su Ho, Baek Hyun
 ChanYeol, D.O, Se Hun, Kai, Su Ho, Baek Hyun
 ChanYeol, D.O, Se Hun, Kai, Su Ho, Baek Hyun

 Su Ho
 Se Hun
 Baek Hyun
Su Ho & D.O
 ChanYeol & Kai
Baek Hyun & Se Hun

EXO-M Third fan signing

 Xiu Min & Tao
 Lay, Chen
 Xiu Min
 Xiu Min
 Lu Han & Xiu Min
Kris & Lay
 Lu Han
 Lu Han & Xiu Min
Lu Han & Xiu Min
Lu Han & Xiu Min
Lu Han
Kris, Lay
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EXO-K Interview for The star

EXO-K introduces their brother group EXO-M
EXO was born in a very peculiar way as they debuted in Korea and China at the same time, on the same day. They’re identical twins coming from the same tree but separated into two roots. While they were continuing to promote their title song ‘MAMA’, EXO-M introduced EXO-K to the medias first, and also sent them warm messages making us feel their strong brotherly love. This time EXO-K are rolling up their sleeves to introduce EXO-M.
◆ EXO-K Chanyeol, Kris “Even as a man myself, he’s really a handsome man”

EXO-M’s leader Kris is a model boy who can speak 4 languages: Korean, Chinese, English and Cantonese. He is capturing women’s hearts with his outstanding handsome features, his manly voice and his leader’s charisma too.

Recently, Kris asked after Chanyeol in a Chinese interview and asked him if he was doing well, so Chanyeol sent him warm greetings “Contrary to what Kris hyung is worrying about, I’m doing well. Hyung took really good care of me but after being separated for almost a month to promote, I miss you very very much, I want to see you soon so we can practice together”.

◆ EXO-K D.O, Xiumin “He’s a lovely hyung just like me”

EXO-M’s lead vocal Xiumin has such a baby face that even when he is with his dongsaengs, you can’t see him as a hyung, he is the eldest of the team. He is in EXO-M promoting in China but he is a Korean member speaking Chinese well.

“Xiumin hyung has a similar role to mine in EXO-M. Should we call it the mom’s role? Our common point is that we are very tidy and our bags are always organized. He also has this cute side that makes his age impossible to guess. It’s a hyung whom I love very much”.

◆ EXO-K Sehun, Luhan “He has the looks, he can sing, it’s a man who doesn’t lack anything”

EXO-M’s multitalented Luhan has pretty features, a lovely smile, a mellow voice, it’s a boy that can open up your heart in a second. His specialties are his elaborated dance skills and that he can speak Korean and Chinese with both clear and precise pronounciation.

“Luhannie hyung has a pretty face, he can dance well, he can also sing well, he really doesn’t lack anything. He can also have a personality as cute as his cute features and can change totally to manly charms”.

◆ EXO-K Kai, Lay “The 4-dimensional dancing machine that fills a part of my memory”

EXO-M’s Lay is the team’s main dancer that captivates the audience with his precise and powerful dance. If Kai sprinkles magic powder on the dance with his sexy stare, Lay is a different dancing machine with his strong charm that outbursts like fire.

“It must be because I spent my trainee days dancing all night with Lay hyung but everytime I dance I think about Lay hyung. Lay hyung is as precious as this to me but sometimes he is so 4D, to a level you can’t even imagine it, it really surprised me. Once I asked him to buy me food and he asked me to do some aegyo, this is absurd. (Laughing after being quickly serious) I never did aegyo. (The members collapse while bursting out laughing)”.
◆ EXO-K Suho, Chen “He is soft on the outside but on the inside he has a strong tough spirit”

EXO-M’s main vocal Chen is the one who gave birth to the charm of the Chinese version of ‘Mama’, which emits a different feeling than the Korean version with his timbre that starts softly, and blossoming strongly. Just like Xiumin, Chen is one of the Korean members of the team.

“When I want to listen to Chen’s singing, I ask him and he sings really well. He is a member with a timbre that can make even your heart warm up. While promoting in China, Chen introduced me in an interview as polite and exemplary so I won’t lose to him and will say that polite Chen is soft on the outside but he has a strong tough spirit on the inside, he is this style of a member”.

◆ EXO-K Baekhyun, Tao “He is soft on the outside but in the inside he has a strong tough spirit” (T/N: Reporters’ copy/paste mistake)

EXO-M’s maknae Tao has a peculiar specialty that you cannot find in standard idol groups’ members. Even in the debut teaser videos, he was introduced with ‘martial arts’. Tao is ensorcelling them with his flashy martial arts skills and is a ‘pet-nam’ (T/N: A pet-man, a man that is like a pet) that wakes up the fans’ protective instincts with his faint Korean.

“Tao has a soft heart and a warm personality. Above all, during an interview, because Tao likes me a lot, he said he missed me and he looked like he was going to cry. I like Tao a lot too. He is really kind, he’s good at martial arts, he’s a cool kid”.
◆ “Until the day we dominate the world with EXO’s music”

Even if they want to see each other they can’t, giving their best to each other in different places, this is all EXO-K and EXO-M can do, living like this today while treasuring their affection for each other. They can’t meet each other, miss each other, and despite what they want they have to promote separately, always yearning for each other.

“Not too long ago it was Sehunie’s birthday, EXO-M sent a video message to our manager hyung saying ‘Happy birthday’ ‘We miss you’. So since Luhannie hyung’s birthday is coming up too, we replied with a video message saying ‘Happy birthday. We miss EXO-M a lot’. Because we can’t contact each other, we’re satisfied with video messages”-Kai

EXO are aiming for both of K-POP’s core, Korea and China, and as Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, etc. have set a lot of new records before them, we asked them what kind of record do they want to set.

“K-POP is known worldwide but I hope EXO will lead it. And until EXO is known to the whole world, until the day the whole world knows about EXO? (Members: It sounds like a manhwa’s theme song? Haha)“-Suho

“We want to set the record of dominating the world with EXO’s music”-Baekhyun

On May 11th, the group EXO-K’s HD Interviews will be released on the different star stories ‘The Star’ ( and we’re holding an interview comment event giving away signed polaroids (6 members) and <MAMA> miniposters(6 members). It’s from the 11th to the 17th, the announcement will be made on the 18th.

source: the star
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EXO-K at Music Bank 120511


EXO-K For The Star [VIDEO]

Su Ho
EXO-K’s leader Suho, who came from the unknown EXOPLANET (A planet out of the solar system), is known for always using a polite and refined language and is a man who “keeps on the straight and narrow”. Just like his upright character and as it can be seen his interview video, Suho has an habit to make clear pauses when he speaks.

KEY WORD | Esuhort

Esuhort is the neologism made from escort (meaning he guards the group) and Suho. It is a nickname given to Suho by the fans to fit with the role he has to lead the EXO members onto the right path and to protect them.

Chanyeol, the rapper of the stars coming from the unknown EXOPLANET, (EXOPLANET: A planet out of the solar system) EXO-K, has fine features that contrast with his charming low voice so he attracts a wide age group. He has a reversal charm, his cute and fluffy image coexists with his chic and arrogant image.

KEY WORD │ Reversal Voice

Chanyeol who got the nickname ‘Reversal Voice’ was born naturally with a perfect visual that acting-dols would dream to have and a charming rapper voice that you will always remember after hearing it only once. He is the one that has this reversal charm that can surprise anyone when you listen to EXO-K’s music and see the performance on stage.

Baek Hyun
Baekhyun, the main vocal of the stars coming from the unknown EXOPLANET, (EXOPLANET: A planet out of the solar system) EXO-K, shows a precise hand movement during their debut song ‘MAMA”s performance, he looks like he’s shooting a gun. As much as the strong and refreshing music, this carved gun dance move is catching the hearts of women from all over the world.

KEY WORD │ 썬 건 Sun Gun

Baekhyun’s superpower is the light. And in ‘MAMA”s choreography, he has a lot of shooting gun dance moves so he received the nickname ‘Sun Gun’. He aims the gun using his light superpower and pulls the trigger bang! Bang! When he shoots, 1000% of Baekhyun’s superpower is released while his opponent wishes he could change his mind.

D.O, the main vocal of the stars coming from the unknown EXOPLANET, (EXOPLANET: A planet out of the solar system) EXO-K, is well organized and likes to cook. So D.O is the happy chef in the team, his domestic-type personality makes him gain bonus points and makes him a strong candidate for the future best husband.

KEY WORD │ DOmestic

DOmestic is a word that refers to D.O’s faithful personality to the domestic life, it’s a nickname made with D.O’s surname and the word domestic-type. As for the pronounciation ‘D.Omestic’ is a bit more correct.

Just by standing on stage, EXO-K’s dancing machine Kai, who came from the unknown EXOPLANET (A planet out of the solar system) has the ability to captivate the audience through the perfect performances he puts his heart and soul into and his powerful and charismatic gaze. To capture the hearts of women, Kai uses his special superpower, teleport.

KEY WORD | Kaura

Because he possesses a strong and mysterious aura, Kaura is a nickname created just for Kai by joining his name and aura. To understand this nickname perfectly, you absolutely have to watch EXO-K’s “MAMA” performances.

Se Hun
EXO-K’s maknae, Sehun, who came from the unknown EXOPLANET (A planet out of the solar system) is gaining a lot of nuna fans with his adorable aegyo and also stirs up the protective instinct in them with his lovely maknae-like way of speaking.

KEY WORD | White

Because of his white skin and lovable eye-smile, Sehun has been told he resembled a puppy, hence the nickname. Sehun, who is very photogenic, emits light in every picture and his unique puppy-like features attracts the public’s gaze.
“We want to show our superpowers in a show like Running Man”

“We want to be acknowledged as musicians through our songs and performances first”
“When will we be able to use our superpowers? It’s a secret for now”
“Almighty-dol” Baekhyun, “Singer Songwriter” Chanyeol, “We want to give it a try”

As soon as they get on stage, they automatically steal the audience’s souls, making people curious about the superpowers they use. This group, EXO-K, is seeking for perfection in their lives and performances. In order to fit with their strong and addictive title song “MAMA” and deliver their concept of “stars coming from another planet” properly, they are planning to stick to a mysterious image for a while.

“Since we are still rookies, we are lacking when it comes to variety shows. Moreover, since we are musicians, we thought we should have our performances and music acknowledged by the public first” - Suho

EXO’s team motif as well as all of the members’ competences have been shown in a calm and orderly way for a 100-days-long period of promotion. Because the “Idol company” SM Entertainment devoted itself into the production of this boygroup and their supersized promotion caught the attention of many, the members’ burden was huge but as they were getting close to their goal, they joined forces and strived to concentrate on their training in order to show the best stage.

EXO’s singular point is that each member has his own superpower. Suho (water), Baekhyun (light), Chanyeol (fire), Kai (teleport), Sehun (wind), D.O (earth), every member has a power that fits his image and that pleases him.

“If you watch the teasers you will know about it but I teleported to find the other members. I used my power to unite all the members (Q: So when are you going to use this power again?) I still can’t tell you how I am going to use the endlessness of my superpower but please look forward to it” - Kai

When asked “How about you use your powers in SBS’ variety program <Running Man>?”, they remained quiet for a bit. As expected, EXO-K picked <Running Man> as the variety program they would like to take part in.

“The members are all cheerful and like to run around. (Q: So would you like to use you your powers on <Running Man>?) Yes. We want to show our special capacities on <Running Man> (Laughs)”

As soon as the camera is on EXO-K, who are always pleasant and always speaking coherently during their waiting time or when they pose for photoshoots, becomes quieter and show a fresh appearance by making mistakes. Of course, among them there were witty members who would slap the others’ laps and say “Yes! That’s it!”

“I feel like Chanyeol and Baekhyun will do a good job on variety shows, Sehun and Suho with acting and the two of us (Kai and D.O) can just stay home and cook (laughs)” - Kai

Saying they do not want to rank first on music programs or win the rookie award at the end of the year would be a lie since this is every rookie’s goal. EXO-K revealed they wanted to be like their company’s seniors and grow ahead of the others.

“I used to play instruments but now that I am a dance music singer, I focus on the dance practice. I also want to strenghten my position as an EXO-K member, learn how to play instruments again and become a composer and lyricist” (Chanyeol)

“If I get the chance, I want to try acting and variety in order to become an all-around entertainer” (Baekhyun)

source: the star
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans