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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

EXO-K Tomorrow -120419

EXO-K will be At Mnet! Countdown at 6PM KST for streaming live go HERE
Ustream HD2

EXO-K official update [Se Hun]

It’s exo-k’s maknae Sehun~(sunshine!)

You guys miss me right?..haha
I miss you guys so much too!!@@
I hope I’m not the only one missing us being together… ㅜㅜ

I love meeting you guys when we are on the stage!!
I’ve thought about it, and I think it’s because we can enjoy and communicate while we are on stage~ ㅎㅎ
And Thank you so so much for so many of you coming when we record the shows… ㅜㅜ

I wrote this on the back of the photocard, but you guys have! to! be! with! us! til! the! very! end!!!
really, promise me! promise~ stamp~ sign~ copy~ coating~ end~ now you have to keep your promise~ haha

Please love us exo-k mmmooooorrrree~ than you already do~ ㅎㅎ

and lastly!!!!!!!!! I’ll see you guys at the fan signingggg~~~ everyone 뿌잉뿌잉♥ (bbuing bbuing)

Credits: exotown.blogspot

EXO-K Fan signing

Only EXO-K will be attending a Fansign for their 1st Mini Album [MAMA]
at HOTTRACTS, Kangnam Kyobo Tower on April 20, 20:30 KST for 100 lucky fans

21st April 6.00PM EXO-K second fan sign @Ilsan Lafesta

22nd April 8PM EXO-K third fansign -  @Mokdong Hottracks

EXO-K forth fansign @ 'Music and Plus' 25 April 8PM

To Everyone that can go: Have a good Time Guys and give me some info after meeting them! Hwaiting!

 Cr: galeexo, code:exo
(If I'll find Info about EXO-M I'll add it. I don't want to spread rumors)

EXO-K Promotion Clip - ENG SUB


Oh! Se Hun's Voice Is changing :33333 How sweet, but finally I could hear it! 

Lyle Beniga with EXO

Lyle Beniga - top world choreographer that worked with Usher or Christina Aguilera and made choreography to Music Videos like JY Park - "No Love, No More" ,Taeyang - "Wedding Dress" ,"Where U At" or JYJ - "Ayy Girl".
EXO had an opportunity to work with him. I think That He's the Choreographer EXO-M mentions In one of there interviews that SM organised for There Prologue "History" and "MAMA" Music Video
(from the left)Lay, D.O, Se Hun, Kai, ChanYeol, Tao, Lyle Beniga, Kris, Su Ho, Chen, Baek Hyun, Lu Han
The Boys are also wearing his projects from Beniga Store:
Lu Han and Kris are wearing this style of sweatshirts:

 D.O and Lu Han are wearing this style:

 Tao and Kai are wearing This T-Shirts:
 ChanYeol Is wearing this T-Shirt:
 Baek Hyun and Lay are wearing This type of T-Shirts:
 Su Ho is wearing this T-Shirt:
Wanna Check Out the price or maybe Buy It? Go HERE

M!CountDown For Se Hun's Birthday