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Monday, April 16, 2012

Kai and Se Hun behind "MAMA" MV

Kai looks pretty scary but Se Hun must have been freezing to death as we can see:)
But the finale effects are worth some hard work that our EXO has putted In it.

Se Hun

New Looks For ExoTown

What Do you guys Think? Do You Like It?
It's not finished.. I'm apparently working on the post box color so put your suggestions and opinions in the comment box below:)

EXO-K official update [D.O]

Hello everybody, I'm EXO-K's D.O. and I'll be the 4th member to greet everyone.

It's been around a week since our debut stage and thank you so much for everyone's care and concern, I appreciate it a lot. Because I was nervous during the first stage appearance hence there were many of mistakes so the performance wasn't that great, I'm sorry about that. Also I would like to make a promise to everyone that we'll present an even better us to all of you in the future.

Please give EXO a lot of love.

From D.O.

trans by: @heechvl

EXO-K and EXO-M schedule for April

17 April - SBS MTV The Show Recording : All New K-POP with EXO-K
19 April - Mnet M!Countdown (6:00 PM KST)
20 April - Music Bank (6:10 PM KST)
21 April - Music Core (4:10 PM KST)
22 April - Inkigayo (3:30 PM KST)
24 April - Show Champion
26 April - Mnet M! Countdown (6:00 PM KST)
27 April - Music Bank (6:10 PM KST)
27 April - SBS (Broadcast) MTV The Show : All New K-POP (8:00 PM KST)
28 April - Music Core (4:10PM KST)
29 April - Inkigayo (3:30 PM KST)

22 April Yin Yui Tai Interview Brodcast on YinYuiTai
25 April: record Happy Show (TV Show In China)
28 April: Super Show 4 Indonesia (Guest Star)
29 April: Super Show 4 Indonesia (Guest Star)

Source: codeexo

EXO Mini Album "MAMA" Fan signing

EXO will be attending a Fansign for their 1st Mini Album "MAMA" at HOTTRACTS, Kangnam Kyobo Tower on April 20, 20:30 KST for 100 lucky fans!

cr: EXOsingapore

EXO-K and EXO-M Topping Japanese Sales Charts!

EXO-K and EXO-M are already receiving huge popularity and interest overseas and have topped a large record store’s sales charts in Japan without any effort at all.

EXO-K’s first mini album has topped the Daily charts on Tower Records in Japan which is one of the largest music store chain and the Chinese counterpart of the group EXO-M’s mini album ranked 2nd and the two groups dominated the charts side by side. The group just have debuted in China and Korea and have not even debuted or promoted their album in Japan yet their album is selling effortlessly. The groups are also praised for their lively and energetic debut performance. Look’s like this is the start of a potential big hallyu stars.


yin yue tai - V Chart's - Korea

EXO-K's "MAMA" is topping the Korean V Chart's. 

yin yue tai - V Chart's - China

EXO-M is topping the Chinese Yin Yue Tai V Chart's with there Debut song "MAMA" and at the third place with there "History". Congratulations :)