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Sunday, April 15, 2012

EXO-K official update [ChanYeol]

Hello everyone! I am EXO-K’s happy virus Chanyeol!

We’ve rounded up a week of promotions ever since our debut stage and have already gained so much attention and love, and it makes us feel especially blessed. I really don’t know what we should do to show our gratitude, thank you so much.

During the 100 days we’ve only met fans through the teasers, but now finally we’ve finally got a chance to meet everyone in person! Not only that, we’ve got to interact with a lot of you through the fanmeet and birthday party, and I’m really glad about that!

Even as I’m writing this message, I really miss and am eager to meet all of you ㅠㅠ

Although there are aspects that we’re still not good in, we’ll continue to work hard and practise to present a better us to all of you!

I will always be a grateful, respectful and humble Chanyeol and I hope everyone would feel really blessed to see it!

Please continue supporting and giving us your love.

I love all of you!
Translations: @heechvl

This Weeks ExoTowns Bias List

What you can see is the pageviews of top 10 EXO members. It's a print screen of what I see . You can't vote, all you need to do is go to one of these pages:
and let the pageviews increase :)

Lay And Lu Han - backpack

As I thought That There backpacks are with them everywhere I decided  to give you guys more Information about them :

Lu Han's backpack:
Lu Han wore THE NORTH FACE MEDIUM DAY PACK purple label 
You Can buy It HERE
 (it costs about 11,550 yen so It'll be nearly 150 $)

Lay wore MCM STARK VISETOS Medium BackPack Cognac 
You Can buy It HERE

Maybe Tao will be next? :)

EXO-K - MAMA [Inkigayo]120415

EXO-K's Performance On Inkigayo. 

Xiu Min, Lu Han and D.O make-up to "MAMA"

I just love his twitter❤❤

Xiu Min, Lu Han, D.O
Kris, Xiu Min, D.O, Lu Han