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Monday, March 12, 2012


EXO's views on YouTube.
As you can See EXO-K has already passed a million views With there Prologue "History", but unfortunately EXO-M has only about 561,000.
Well To say truly I'm sad and happy to see this. I'm happy couse EXO-K Has Got a million views in 3 days and there gaining  more popularity with the time. 
And I'm sad because EXO-M's prologue has at least the half of what EXO-K has got. And I'm even more sad couse the Way That "M" sang it was more touchy and they made me really wanna bounce around.
But That's only my opinion and you can have a different one, right? :)
At least although they are divided there always be an unity to me.

(gosh Have You Seen does Comments under EXO-M Video, Kris Is making all the Fan Girls sweat :D)