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Sunday, March 11, 2012

EXO - history Clothing

First Of All I was On Tumblr And EXOsiris added a post and credited it as kworldstyle and... (that's the best thing i did in my whole life) I googled it and An AMAZING blogspot just appeared! 
Go to k-worldstyle and check out what's going on there.
All the Info I putted Here Is from that Blog. Pictures are made by me but with out that site I wouldn't even make them. 
Se Hun
Shoes - Converse X DC comics collection.
Top - KYE's S/S 2012 collection
Top - KYE's S/S 2012 collection
Su Ho
baggy Pants - KTZ's MSI print pants S/S 2012 Pre collection
Hoodie - KTZ's MSI print hoodie Pre-S/S 2012 collection.

Cr:  k-worldstyle 

Kpop Charts-Exo History

Actually If I weren't a Fan Of EXO and didn't spend so much time on finding as much information as possible I would think that They Already Debuted couse There "Prologues" are Like Music videos. But an Iteresting thing is that It's a prologue but at the Title It's: (look at the picture)
yes... So people that are not sure If they already debuted.. No they didn't. Even When I saw The Prologue "History" I thought that I missed there debut. :)

But as I read They're already going to promote there Album on the 31 Of March So they'll probably will debut earlier then that date. So we have to stay tuned and patient.