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Saturday, February 18, 2012


(I had to add it couse when I saw this I was laughing my ass of) 

Kai... Will probably be in 3 teaser's! I don't know how many Teaser's will SM. Entertainment put out since Kai APPARENTLY is gonna be in 3 more... And If that's true then It would be like 21 Teaser's + others that didn't appeared at any Teaser. SM Town maybe will make it to 30 :) I don't mind :)

SE HUN (OH YES, because this cut is AWESOME )

EXO[fasionistas] SUPER

AAAAAAAA! Someone genius made it with English sub OMG.<3 LIKE IT!


Changes Made:) The look of our blog is changed and i hope you like it. Couse everything is now depending on you guys! Come here often! Klik to observed, couse I really spent a lot of time on what you see.
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Today I Made These (just a sec ago)
  EXO-K-2 072.177

Yesterday I made These 2

EXO-K-2 046.449//  2 072.177
We Can see the statistics :)  Not bad ain't there?